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Good News
I understand you are suffering every month with period pain that causes you to miss days off work.

I understand you so are irritable and moody before your period arrives that your friends and loved ones run and duck for cover!

I understand you may be suffering heavy bleeding, bloating, fluid retention, fatigue, low moods, headaches or migraines at that time of the month?

I understand how frustrating irregular periods can be and how devastating a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Endometriosis can be?
Look Familiar?
You are not Alone!
It is estimated that up to 80% of women are suffering from period-related problems. 

But what is going on? Why are so many women suffering?
Food, Inflammation and Your Periods 
Just because a food is considered healthy, does not mean it will be healthy for you.. or healthy for your hormones.

 You may wonder, what exactly is it with certain foods that cause so much disruption to your hormones and your period health?
A little bit of inflammation is a normal part of healing and repair in the body. But too much inflammation may affect your hormones in 2 ways:  

1. Interrupts the communication between your hormones and your cells. This causes low levels of oestrogen and progesterone, leaving the sufferer with longer menstrual cycles or cycles where ovulation may not occur. 
2. Changes the response of oestrogen and progesterone. Oestrogen is hyperstimulated, whereas the beneficial action of progesterone is blocked. Leaving you with excess oestrogen compared with progesterone. In this scenario women may experience shorter cycles, heavier periods, PMS, sore breasts, fluid retention and sugar cravings… just to name a few.

The main food culprits that cause your immune system to respond and result in chronic inflammation are:
1. Man-made vegetable oils
2. Sugar (in all its forms)
3. Gluten &
4. Dairy
So, it all comes down to what you eat!
 The simple act of eating properly is the foundation to balanced, healthy hormones and hassle-free periods. Choose your next meal wisely, your periods depend on it!

I know that removing these inflammatory foods all at once is hard - but it’s the quickest way to balanced hormones and have better periods. 

That’s where Phase3 comes in!
    What Is Phase 3?
    PHASE3 is an online meal plan to balance hormones and create healthier menstrual cycles and happier women.

    The inflammatory foods are removed. Therefore, the program is 100% gluten, dairy, sugar and vegetable oil free. Each meal includes a healthy balance of your macro-nutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates) and consists of foods that are real, whole and from the earth (or grazes from it). Most importantly the program is packed full of delicious recipes that are designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer and reduce those cravings that willpower just can’t ignore.

    As a bonus, you can choose to shift that unwanted weight as a part of the program as your meal-plan is customised individually for you based on your activity level, height, weight, body fat percentage and your goal.

    Each week members receive a brand-new meal plan, with new recipes and an easy-to-print shopping list. There is also a free members iPhone and Android app, so you can have on-the-go access to your plan and recipes.
    Why 3 Phases?
    Amanda wanted to design a meal plan that would reduce inflammation, improve hormonal health, give women better periods and to improve overall health and vitality. But it also needed to cater for as many women as possible taking into consideration different hormonal, metabolic and health needs. 

    So, there had to be 3 Phases.
    Phase 1 – Ketogenic
    Phase 2 – Paleo
    Phase 3 – Paleo + extra carbs (anti-inflammatory grains, legumes and starchy veg)

    The 3 phases cater for success and allow you to move between the phases (at the end of every week) during the duration of your plan to see what is the best fit for you, your health and your lifestyle.  

    Choosing which phase suits you best will depend on your current health issues and what you are trying to achieve. Starting with Phase2 is a good option for most but can be too restrictive (not enough starchy carbs) for some to begin with. But be assured changing to a different phase is as simple as the click of a button at the end of each week.

    The 3 phases are all about finding the best fit for you personally and having flexibility within your eating plan.
    Who should try Phase3?
    Inflammation does not discriminate, it is a factor for all period problems because of its disruption to hormonal communication and signalling, so it will help women sufferings with:

    •  Period Pain
    •  PMS & PMDD
    •  Heavy Bleeding
    •  Irregular periods
    •  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
    •  Endometriosis
    •   Anovulation (no period)
    •   Autoimmune immune thyroid disease 
    •   Thyroid Disorders
    •   Insulin Resistance
    •   Acne
    •   Digestive disorders (Reflux, IBS, SIBO)
    How long does the PHASE3 Program take?

    This program was developed to consider the underlying cause of hormonal disruption and period problems and be customised for each woman as needed. So, the length of the program also offers flexibility for you to make it fit with your life to give you the results you deserve.
    A minimum of 4 weeks is recommended and this is like pressing the reset button on your hormonal health, but for full benefits and long-lasting changes 12 weeks is more ideal and will significantly reduce inflammation, give you the nutrients your hormones need and deliver you better periods. Some people will require 3-6 months or more depending on your health and condition you're trying to treat. 

    12 weeks of Phase 3 meal plans will see you with:
    •  Lots more energy
    •  No sugar cravings
    •   Steady eating patterns
    •   Reduction of inflammation
    •   A most robust immune system
    •   Clearer thinking
    •   Waking feeling refreshed
    •    Improved digestion
    •    Less bloating
    •   Clearer skin
    •    Reduction of pain
    •   Improvements in diagnosed health issues
    For more serious health complaints or the longer you have suffered from your conditions/ symptoms, the longer you will need to be on Phase3. Essentially phase 3 on the Phase3 meal plan was designed to be a way of eating that you can adopt FOREVER.

    Phase3 is also about education, learning what to eat and how much and how these foods make you feel. Just because a food is healthy, does not mean it is healthy for YOU.

    “So, my wish is that you take this new-found knowledge and continue to eat for health beyond Phase3, using what you have learnt from Phase3.” – Amanda Howe
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    Hormone Detox Meal Plan

    Normally $67

    ** Recurring $8 USD Weekly Subscription

      Phase3 is an online Meal Planner that improves your health, can reverse disease, overcome undesirable symptoms and assist with weight-loss and has three phases to choose from:

      Phase 1 = a ketogenic diet 
      (high-fat/ low carbohydrate)
      Phase 2 = a paleo diet 
      (quality protein/ healthy fats/ vegetables, no grains)
      Phase 3 = paleo diet + extra carbohydrates 
      (includes anti-inflammatory grains, legumes and starchy vegetables)

      All meal-plans are 100% gluten, dairy and sugar free and personalized based on a questionnaire you answer when you get started. 


      A feature of PHASE3 meal plans is you can select your goal to 
      lose weight.

      Simply input your height, weight, body fat % and activity level and select your goal to lose weight.

      Phase3 then provides a calorie-controlled meal plan to ensure gradual weight-loss so your body doesn’t switch into starvation mode, where metabolism and fat burning slow down. 

      The best feature is your weekly weight check-in. As you weigh less, you need less food to maintain your weight-loss. Phase3 does this for you, by gradually decreasing the calorie count in your weekly meal plans you’ll avoid weight-loss plateau’s. 


      It is important to me that every PHASE3 member gets the absolute most out of your meal-plan and that you get started straight away. So, over 5 days I help you:
      •  Navigate the PHASE3 program
      •  Start the program with ease and less time in the kitchen
      •  Develop your shopping list
      •  Clear out your fridge ad pantry
      •  With meal preparation and pre-cooking 
      •  Develop your WHY
      •  Create a support network 
      In addition to your selected subscription, you will receive an extra 5 days to allow for preparation and learning.

      “If you don’t plan to succeed, you plan to fail”

      My goal for PHASE3 members is that this meal plan improves health and reverses diseases for the long-term. 

      This program is designed to help you change your food choices, your food preferences and your habits to create a whole new lifestyle that results in a healthier, happier you. 

      So, I am here to hold your hand for 30 days and deliver knowledge to help change your habits, remove self-doubt and negative talk

      Together we will create a better MINDSET by delivering:
      •  Daily inspirational quotes
      •  Symptoms you may experience 
      •  A daily blog of me on my PHASE3 journey
      •  Images of my meal-plans
      •   Mindset tips create better thinking and better habits
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      Hormone Detox Meal Plan

      Normally $67

      ** Recurring $8 USD Weekly Subscription
        Exclusive to Phase3 Members, you will receive your meal-plans on a Mobile App so you can now take your personalised Meal Plan with you to the supermarket, when meal prepping and while cooking. (Whether you are at home or away)

        Available on iTunes and Google Play stores.

        ACCOUNTABILITY (Members-Only)

        All Phase3 members are invited to join our secret Facebook community, which connects you to others who are on this healing journey with you.

        This is a safe place to ask questions, post your progress or setbacks and receive encouragement and accountability from me and my team and converse with other like-minded community members

        Amanda Howe
        Naturopath | Author | Nutritionist | Herbalist | Mother | Wife
        I am a certified Naturopath who is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and continuing wellness. My love and passion for whole foods, a healthy lifestyle and education is what drives me every day to be a better naturopath.

         I specialise in Women’s Hormonal Health, particularly menstrual disorders such as: irregular periods, PMS, PCOS, heavy periods, no periods, period pain, endometriosis, menopause and more. Hormonal conditions can affect or can be affected by everything from digestion, thyroid disorders, chronic stress, skin disorders, weight gain or loss, auto-immune diseases etc, so it's important to address all aspects of your health. 

        “This is my passion, my dream is to have a positive influence on the health of my loved ones and to help many in achieving health and happiness.” 

        Thanks, speak soon.

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